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LinkedIn For Business Growth

An exciting collaborative course between EMS and Mike Lewis of Breakout Media.

LinkedIn has 674 million users across 200 countries.  Where else can you raise your personal profile, build brand awareness, market your content and events, recruit teams, and connect to decision-makers?

Standing out on LinkedIn is a challenge.  How do you cut through the noise and get noticed?  How do you make contact with people so that they want to work with you?  And how do you use LinkedIn to grow your business or organisation?

EMS’s and Breakout Media’s LinkedIn For Business training course is for anyone looking to make the most of LinkedIn from a sales and marketing perspective.

By attending the course and you’ll learn the latest LinkedIn tips, tricks and techniques.

You'll discover how to build a compelling profile and company presence, and increase your visibility and reputation.
How do we know this?
Well, we attended the course delivered by Mike and it changed both our approach and our success with Linkedin overnight.
  • The views for our posts rose from an average of 500 view to an average of 6000 views.
  • ​Engagement and reach went up 60%
  • Importantly 100% more people viewed our profile and most importantly
  • ​After being on Linkedin for the six previous years and never making a sale, from the month after attending Mikes course, we made a sale and had three enquiries and have made direct Linkedin sales every month since.
Mike really is a marvel at Linkedin. Not from books but from practical experimentation and really developing a strong workable strategy.
Book your place here:

31/03/2021 10am-12pm